Affordable Professional Development for J-Advisers

Professional development doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. During the past three and a half days, I attended The Teachers Workshop @ Brooks Institute. The cost of the photography workshop was $35. Every day, breakfast (coffee, croissants and fruit) a delicious lunch were profided as part of the $35 registration fee. There was wine and cheese during evening activities, too. All teachers had to pay for was their transportation (it was a 65-mile drive from my home) and lodging.

We took three workshops a day and all were taught by Brooks Institute instructors. I took a variety of sessions, from learning the basics such as the difference between ISO and f-stops; studio lighting; taking sports action photos and and editing video. Most of the sessions were hands-on and I put together a photoslide to show a few of the photos I took during some of the sessions.

More than 50 teachers, from the high school and community colleges, attended the workshop. while most attendees were from California, a few were from out of state, including Oklahoma and Texas. You might want to get on their email list so you can sign up for next summer’s workshop. Contact them at

As I learn about other workshops, I’ll pass along the info.


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