“I have to keep up with the news?”

I don’t know about your students, but my students need to be reminded that they need to keep up with the news, whether it’s local, national or international. One activity I like give my Journalism 1, newspaper and yearbook students during the first week of school is a news scavenger hunt activity.

This is the first activity I have to reinforce the idea that students need to keep up with the news, so I don’t hear “I have to keep up with the news?” as much as the school year unfolds.

The activity serves various purposes. First and foremost, it reminds them of the major news that happened during their summer vacation. Second, it helps them meet other classmates since students are supposed to go around asking other students for the answers. Students are speaking and listening to one another as they search for the answers. When students are done filling out their news scavenger sheet, we go over the answers together.

The news scavenger hunt is just a grid with four rows and four columns. Each box contains one question about a major event or activity that was in the news for several days. In addition to political questions like the migrant children coming from Central America, I will include entertainment and pop culture questions too, because after all, we are in the entertainment capital of the world.

If you’d like a copy of my 2014 summer News Scavenger Hunt, leave your email in the comments section or email me at axc8823@lausd.net. As soon as I finish the handout, I’ll post a link to a Google document here.



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