Journalism write-off tips for your students

The first time I took students to a journalism write-off in the fall of 2009, only two students attended. Both received awards that day and that encouraged other students to sign up and compete at the spring write-offs. Now, it’s grown to 10 writers (the maximum) and two photographers at the local write-off.

My students have had success at some of these write-offs, getting awards and placing. And then there are times when they come back empty-handed. But that’s ok. The main goal is that they had fun competing and hopefully learned something during the process.

Two of my students who have competed in write-offs a few times at the local, state and national levels, compiled a list of tips to encourage other students to compete. I hope you can share this with your students.

And if you or your students have additional tips, please share the in the comments below.

Here is a list of upcoming Journalism Education Association-associated write-offs in the Los Angeles area:

East Los Angeles – Feb. 28 at Schurr High School Contact: Carrie at

Orange County – Feb. 28 at Fullerton College Contact: Lindsay at

North Los Angeles – March 7 at CSU Northridge Contact: Kim at

South West Los Angeles – March 7 at Redondo Union HS Contact: Mitch at



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